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To provide a child that does not have the means a new pair of shoes that will give him/her the pride and dignity to walk through the school hallways. As our funding grows we will be able to work with more schools and children. Our ultimate goal is to work with every school in Montana!

Our Mission Statement: “Kids with self-esteem do esteemable things”

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Children's Shoes

Kicks for Kids 406 works with local schools, teachers, counselors, and coaches to recognize when a child needs a new pair of shoes that may not have the financial means. Our goal is to provide a child who does not have the means to acquire a new pair of shoes the opportunity to have new shoes that fit well and give him/her the pride to walk through the school halls with confidence. They may need a new pair of shoes to participate in sports or school choir. Reese Danhof, founder of Kicks for Kids 406 will select each shoe herself. As a young lady in junior high, it is her passion to help each child have a current shoe they can be proud to wear. They will give the new shoes, discreetly, to the child. Working with the counselors provides the child and donor anonymity.

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Reese Danhof

Kicks for Kids 406 was born from an idea Reese had to help children and has grown into what it is today over the past 3 years.


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